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“…if you want a therapist that will be real with you, keep you focused, and on course to achieve your goals, you should consider Kathy Remeika! She helped me through issues even when I didn’t want to face the rawness of my situations objectively and candidly!”

“Dearest Kathy – I would stand on a street corner wearing a sandwich board for you if it helped more people get excellent therapeutic support:-)”

“I am not good enough.  This feeling resulted in emotional pain, trying to please others, and compulsive overeating.  Kathy has provided a safe, non-judgmental space to talk through difficult feelings and take concrete actions to make things different.  Kathy’s guidance has helped me make significant changes in my life – both to my internal beliefs and feelings and external actions.  Kathy seems to know exactly when I need her to listen and affirm my feelings and when I need to be challenged to think or act differently.  With Kathy’s support, I am creating a healthier, more balanced life for myself.”


“I highly recommend Kathy’s services because she’s professional, takes her time to get to know you, your background and why you need her services. She takes things slowly with you to gain your trust and doesn’t push you into something unless she feels that you can handle it. I felt comfortable in her office from day one. She’s been a hand holder for me (figuratively not literally). I am very grateful for her help.  I was a very angry person and would fly off the handle at the little things that were going on in my life when I first stepped through Kathy’s doors.  Today this is no longer the case and I’m a much happier person.”


“Kathy was instrumental in my personal growth during an extremely challenging phase of my life.  She provided a safe and comfortable spot for me to take risks in sharing vulnerabilities, and she processed the information with me in a manner that I could easily recognize my own behaviors and perceptions in my every day life and I could see and feel my personal transformation happening.  My sessions with Kathy were personally challenging, and at the same time I looked forward to them and the relief and growth that followed.  I am extremely grateful and thankful for the time I spent with Kathy.  Thanks Kathy!”


“I’ve always gone into therapy with great anxiety and skepticism. I’ve had good, smart, helpful therapists and very dull unhelpful ones. Kathy Remeika is great at what she does. Kathy always helped me feel relaxed and comfortable, allowing me to move at my own speed and discover myself as I grow, change, and grow some more. I feel I’ve made much progress since I started seeing her two years ago, and people tell me they see the changes in me as well. I actually look forward to my appointment with her every week and unbelievably enjoy therapy! Quite simply- Make an appointment and make the change!”


“I have been seeing Kathy for approximately 5 years for various reasons throughout the years, e.g. family issues, anxiety, depression.  Being under her care has been one of the best decisions I have ever made.  She provides a safe environment for you to discuss any and all matters without the fear of being judged or ridiculed.   She’s a great listener, while providing the proper guidance and push to take to the next level allowing you to figure out the next step, the best solution, etc. Or if you cannot figure out why something just rubs you the wrong way, she explains it in a manner or reminds you of a situation that is similar, guiding you to understand the correlation between the situations. She is not a one-size-fits-all MFT; she works around your personality therefore getting the most out of each session.  Kathy has a way of personalizing your treatment. When I was having a difficult time coping with an issue, Kathy offered several books for me to read as homework assignments between our sessions.  Having Kathy understand my way of learning/coping/dealing with obstacles has been immensely helpful.  Even in between sessions Kathy is available.  I feel very fortunate to have an MFT like Kathy.  The tools that she has taught me over the years are priceless.”


“Kathy has helped me break through what seemed to be a fortress around the truth of my mind. She uses powerfully candid language when approaching topics and is not afraid of any subject matter. Over the time she’s worked with me the progress that has been made has been tangible and significant. I recommend her to anyone who wants the truth.”

"Kathy has helped me get back in touch with my authentic self. She is effortlessly tender and trustworthy, highly skilled in her field. I will continue to seek her help as I aspire towards a greater life for myself."













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